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Enough Already! 15 Things About Covid 19 We're Tired of Hearing!

The coronavirus pandemic has been around us for months already, Since the first reported cases in Wuhan, China last December 2019, the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2), the virus causing the CoViD-19, has already infected more than 25 million people globally.  News, discoveries, warnings, and various protocols relating to the new normal being cause by the CoViD-19 pandemic have since then filled our social media accounts and newspapers. Definitely there are lots of exaggerated and overly emphasized matters (both in a good and bad way) that we're already tired of hearing, Here are some of those: 1) Social distancing is a must. Different governments implemented different protocols and calls for lockdowns, depending on which they think is the best for their people. Though we want to follow the 1-meter or 1.5-meter or 6-meter social distancing guidelines, we still terribly miss hanging out with our friends and loved ones. We are tired of hearing this but for

Unique Baby Names For Your Baby Girl Or Boy 👦

When it comes time to pick the baby names, it's important to remember not to rush into it. After all, if you give a bad name to a baby, then he/she will have to live with it for the rest of their life. In this article, we will help you to find a unique but also amazing name. Your child will be proud to have such a name. Unique baby boy names Prescott — This name means “priest's house”, in 2016 only 18 baby boys received this name. Regis — this name comes from France, and means "royal", in 2016, only 10 boys named like that. Oberon — If you've read Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, then you probably know about this name. In 2016, only 8 boys received this name. List of the other unique baby boy names with their meanings: Weston — (from the West); Declan — (full of goodness); Xander — (defender); Jason — (healing); Theodore — (gift of God); Micah — (like a God); Jonathan — (God bestowed); Rowan — (red); Austin — (noble); Evan — (given by God). Unique

The Worst Advice You Can Get About Starting Your Baby On Solids 😂

 If you have been a parent for any amount of time, you know how it's like to spend hours upon hours researching even the littlest thing about how to optimize the life of your baby, what to buy on Amazon, how to maximize their health, and happiness and how to prepare them for the world. Recently, there has been a bit of a trend on mommy blogs to insist jar feeding is not the best way to feed your baby girl or boy, as it can cause cross-contamination or God forbid, mold might grow in the jar. Jar feeding should not be dangerous as long as you take extra precautions such as not leaving open jars too long in the fridge, never putting dirty spoons inside the jar, etc; but putting the baby food in a bottle can also be useful in some cases (if your baby is underweight you can put a little bit of baby food in their formula for extra calories, or if they refuse to make the switch to solid food, putting some into the baby bottle until they adapt is OK).

Kids Face Bandanas [ Mon. to Fri. ] - 5 PCS Reusable Cloth Face Bandanas Set, Cotton, Back to School/Work Supplies

Being that facemasks have become a normal part of one's everyday outfits, its only expected that we try to get as much semblance of normalcy as possible, when getting them. This does not apply only to adults, kids facemasks are as essential (sometimes even more).  With cute patterns and bright colors, there will surely be a design that fits your child's preference. Plus, since the bundle comes in packages of 5, your child will surely have the opportunity to show up with a different one for each school day. Maintaining their cleanliness will be a breeze, since they're reusable and washing machine friendly, you can easily clean them up after use.  This also saves you money, compared to getting copious amounts of disposable masks, which, come to think of it, isn't really budget friendly. With lots of designs to choose from, it will be very easy for you to mix and match cute outfits for your child. They're so pretty, that your child might end up asking for more. Link to

The Quarantine Generation Giving During A Pandemic

 New life is being born each day around the world, even during the pandemic of COVID 19 where hospitals are filled, and businesses are closed. Things have changed in the world and this next generation will find things to be very different than when their parents were young. Obviously, every practitioner has a different method for how you should proceed during this crisis, from the birthing experience to the postpartum period of a baby's life. There is good news in an otherwise worrying time for expecting mothers, and that is that an expecting mother does not have a larger risk of contracting COVID 19 than any other healthy adult. That being said, it is worth noting that if you were to contract the virus during pregnancy, then it could cause respiratory problems such as pneumonia, as the body is focused on nurturing the baby. The best way to protecting yourself while carrying a child is to make sure your immune system is in peak condition and to avoid large crowds, and to wear a mas

Could My Prenatal Vitamins Make Me Feel Sick Or Nauseated?

Prenatal vitamins have a lot going for them. For starters, they act as a nutritional safety net of sorts for expectant mothers to help reduce the risk of both birth defects and preterm birth. Secondly, preliminary research suggests they may lessen the chance of autism. And thirdly, supplementing with vitamin B6 has been linked with reduced levels of morning sickness. However, here’s the rub, for all the good prenatal vitamins undoubtedly do, they are by no means a cure-all. And, pertinently, this just so happens to be especially true when it comes to nausea. You see, even allowing for vitamin B6’s nausea-quelling properties, there’s still no denying the fact that prenatal vitamins can make some pregnant women feel nauseated. More to the point, this is particularly true in cases where there is a background of morning sickness. Now, if we consider that as many as 80% of pregnant women report some form of morning sickness, it becomes clear that we are not talking about an isolated phenome

Our First Vlog | Family of 7 | Sneaking Out to The Playground During Qua...

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