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Could My Prenatal Vitamins Make Me Feel Sick Or Nauseated?

Prenatal vitamins have a lot going for them. For starters, they act as a nutritional safety net of sorts for expectant mothers to help reduce the risk of both birth defects and preterm birth. Secondly, preliminary research suggests they may lessen the chance of autism. And thirdly, supplementing with vitamin B6 has been linked with reduced levels of morning sickness. However, here’s the rub, for all the good prenatal vitamins undoubtedly do, they are by no means a cure-all. And, pertinently, this just so happens to be especially true when it comes to nausea. You see, even allowing for vitamin B6’s nausea-quelling properties, there’s still no denying the fact that prenatal vitamins can make some pregnant women feel nauseated. More to the point, this is particularly true in cases where there is a background of morning sickness. Now, if we consider that as many as 80% of pregnant women report some form of morning sickness, it becomes clear that we are not talking about an isolated phenome

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Princess Julia turns 2 | Home made ghetto birthday cake

Good Day My Lovelies! Princess Julia turns 2. We celebrated her birthday on her actual birth date Feb. 1st and we decided to share this special moment with you too!

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Here is my Bi-weekly grocery haul for a family of 7. The final cost for everything was just $103.18!!!! Weekly budget is $95 however I am decreasing it to $50 per week starting next shopping trip, wish me luck. I shop biweekly so my goal is to stay under $95 per trip. Used: $1 silk coupon

How Do You Discipline An Autistic Child?

This may be even running through your mind all the time, how do you discipline a special needs child? How do you stay calm when you're just at your breaking point? Can they really know when they've done wrong? Let's get to answering these questions... First of all, we need to hear the truth: if you have a feeling that your child doesn't deserve discipline, it's just as if you're telling your child "I don't think you can learn" and if you don't believe this, how will your child believe? What experts call behavior management, is not about demoralizing your child but instead, it's a way that you can communicate boundaries and expectations in a loving and nurturing way. Discipline: correcting your child's actions, showing them whats wrongs and what's right, what's okay and what's not; is one of the ways all parents can take the time to show their kids that they love and care about them. Some of yall may have hear

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