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How Do You Discipline An Autistic Child?

This may be even running through your mind all the time, how do you discipline a special needs child? How do you stay calm when you're just at your breaking point? Can they really know when they've done wrong? Let's get to answering these questions... First of all, we need to hear the truth: if you have a feeling that your child doesn't deserve discipline, it's just as if you're telling your child "I don't think you can learn" and if you don't believe this, how will your child believe? What experts call behavior management, is not about demoralizing your child but instead, it's a way that you can communicate boundaries and expectations in a loving and nurturing way. Discipline: correcting your child's actions, showing them whats wrongs and what's right, what's okay and what's not; is one of the ways all parents can take the time to show their kids that they love and care about them. Some of yall may have hear

Morning Routine | Preemie | 3 Months Old

Don't believe in breastfeeding? Bottle feeding without trying being the new norm?

Waaaaaaay, back in the day everyone was breastfeeding and there was never a problem of separation from those who felt uncomfortable due to not being able to breastfeed or simply just bottle fed due to not wanting to breastfeed therefore they don't want to see it. Anywho, why is this becoming the new norm to bottle feed without a split chance of trying to breastfeed or the simple thought just coming over your head? And I am fully aware of mothers who just simply can't breastfeed or choose not to do due to work but what about the mothers that are home all day and there's nothing in the day to trouble them from bonding with their child while breastfeeding? Breastfeeding is not only one of the ways to connect with your child from which you've been doing from day one in the womb for 9 months straight ( unless a preemie) but;  MY QUESTION IS WHY NOT TRY? I've been thinking on this for months and I know I am a work at home mom of 4 with one stepdaughter and I fo


ALL DAY CLEAN WITH ME! | FAMILY EDITION | CLEANING ROUTINE MOTIVATION | CLEANING MUSIC Today's video is an all-day clean with me session that seriously took me the full day to complete this cleaning routine, including the parts that I edited out. I know these types of videos give me cleaning motivation and I wanted to share with you my all day cleaning routine. Nothing else helps me get in the mood to clean than some cleaning music to get the job done. So turn up the volume on this video and lets clean together! Email Me: Previous Video: ★ LETS CONNECT & CHAT: Snapchat: tonybabygirl201 Instagram - levinna12 Facebook - Send us letters, Products, and Sample here: ★ Mailing Address: PO Box #2035 4827 old national hwy college-park, Georgia 30337 ★ Business Inquiries, Sponsors, Collaboration & just to stop by and say Hi: email listed in "About" section FTC Disclaimer:.

Feeling Lonely

Postpartum depression is a mood disorder that affects women after giving birth. One in every ten women experience depression. Research suggests that there is no one cause to this disorder other than a drop in hormone levels which triggers a chemical reaction in the brain that is responsible for mood swings. After giving birth, mothers don't really have the time to fully recover because now they are taking care of the baby and their body never fully rests. This sleep deprivation may be another contributing factor to postpartum depression. Some women are also at a greater risk for developing depression because they have already experienced it through a previous pregnancy or they have a family history of mental illness. There really is no self-diagnosis. Only a health care provider can diagnose a woman with postpartum depression. There are many symptoms associated with depression such as losing interest in activities that are usually enjoyable, eating little or too much, experien

Benefits of Breastfeeding & Supplementation (FORMULA)

While we all agree that all mommies are amazing, not all are great at everything. Just we have different potentialities; some moms also find I challenging breastfeeding their young ones until weaning. Fortunately, the good news is that you can always provide the baby with breast milk and also have the freedom to supply him/her with supplements. Supplementing simply means providing baby formula or expressed mild alongside breastfeeding. As a mother, it's essential to understand the benefits of ensuring your baby with supplements alongside breastfeeding. For this reason, we've provided you with these benefits to keep you informed. While sometimes formula feeding is necessary, one major thing you need to understand is that breastfeeding should be the first priority for your child. It contains numerous, diverse, and convincing benefits your baby needs for healthy and robust growth. The benefits of breastfeeding not only extend to babies but also mothers, families, and society as

Why are people so against adding cereal to a baby bottle?

Cereals Cereal is one of the best sources of edible grains that are a source of energy to the body.  The various types of grain obtained from cereals are used to make different types of energy food sources hence an excellent meal to feed growing infants. Baby cereal can be introduced to infants after getting to a certain age and should be given carefully, especially if it is the first solid food hence why it's not an excellent idea to use baby bottles. Baby Cereal Adding baby cereal to baby bottles might lead to arise of a health condition, especially if the infant is less than four months old. The condition that is associated with nutritional deficiency is a result of a less developed amylase enzyme in young infants, unlike in mature individuals. Amylase is the enzyme that is responsible for the breakdown of starch that is a type of carbohydrate obtained from cereals. Every parent aims to ensure that their kid is well fed and in good health. Due to this challenge, therefore

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