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Homeschool vs. Private School. What should you choose?

The education of our children is one of the most critical aspects of our lives. Most parents constant fret about the knowledge their child is getting in the public school system. While the Public school system can be an enjoyable experience for our children and are filled with many passionate and experienced teachers, it cannot be denied that it is not for every child. If you have decided to remove your children from public school, what route should you take? There are two primary options; Private and Homeschool. What is education like? When we begin to compare these two forms of education, let’s first look at school. Both private and homeschool have their pros and cons. For homeschool, we have the one on one nature of homeschool. Your child will never be lost in the crowd, nor will they get bored when they finish their work and wait in the class. When you homeschool, your child receives the teachers' full and undivided attention. This allows for questions and the exploratio

Finding a Great Babysitter for a Baby under 12 Weeks Old

Having a baby changes a person's life completely. Mothers and fathers must balance parenthood in between work, errands, and social activities. There is always the question: who's going to take care of the baby? A simple answer is a babysitter. A babysitter takes stress off the parents, so they can enjoy a night out or take the extra shift at work. Here are some tips on how to find a babysitter for a baby under 12 weeks old: Ask around your neighborhood. A local babysitter is ideal for punctuality and reliability.  Ask other parents who they recommend or have hired before. Look at bulletin boards at your town's recreation center or place of worship. Often times, babysitters will post flyers with their qualifications and contact information. See if there is a daycare center or nursery in your area. This is a good option because there will be more than one babysitter to ensure your baby's safety and comfort. If you want individualized care, you c

Is it okay for my child to have an iPhone?

Society is tough on parents these days. No matter your parenting style, there will always be someone with an option different than yours. Being a mother of two, one thing I do that many other parents disagree with is allowing my children access to a cell phone. I let it in moderation, and here's why. Educational apps were incredibly useful when it came to teaching my toddler. Apps like ABC Mouse got him hands-on involved in learning. Once he was ready for preschool, he was exceeding in all subjects. Ages 5+, things start to change. You have to monitor their activity closely and limit their screen time in order to form good habits. You want to make sure your child is getting enough exercise and not overusing. As long as the parent stays involved, an hour or so of screen time is perfectly healthy and normal. By the time your children are old enough to leave home alone (trips to the park, etc.) Having a cell phone is a great way to keep contact and will likely bring peace of mi

What is Cradle Cap & is it Dangerous For My Baby?

Cradle cap, the common name for infantile seborrheic dermatitis, is typical for newborns. Often times, it's not painful and not itchy for the infant. Cradle cap is easy to distinguish with symptoms that include patchy scaling or crusts on the scalp, overly oily or very dry skin covered in flakes and mild redness. It may present on the ears, eyelids, groin, or nose of the infant and, in most cases, is no reason to worry. Treatment of cradle cap involves washing your baby's head with a mild shampoo daily to help loosen and remove the scales. There are brushes, and shampoo's that you can get over the counter or order online to help deal with cradle cap quickly and easily in your own home with no fuss. Though some cases can look awful, all it takes to help most infants is persistence and time. If cradle cap doesn't clear up for your infant within a month, a trip to the doctor may be in order. If it persists or seems too severe, your pediatrician may suggest a medica

Faux Locs, Child abuse???? What!?!

The mother who was accused on twitter of child abuse for installing faux locs on her child is a good example of how social media can cause more problems than it's worth.  There are always trolls out there who are ready for any opportunity to interfere in other people's personal lives and cause trouble whenever they can.  Are Faux Locs "Child Abuse"? I must state that I don't know if faux locs are painful or uncomfortable.  If commenters are accurate about it, I think the mother exercised poor judgment.  However, I would still not consider it "abuse."  These days, too many people freely use that word for anything they disapprove of, even when there is nothing abusive about the situation.  If it is not a painful process, I would have two concerns.  First, I'd wonder if the girl asked for this style, or if it was the mother's idea.  While children should not always get what they want, it makes a difference in this situation.  I would

Night Terrors ~ How to deal with them

Talking of several types of parasomnia, you can't ignore the night terrors, especially in younger kids and also some individuals of the older generation. This can just be associated with a light sleep disturbance to very serious distractions that leads even to individuals walking while asleep. However, this may not be considered as a very critical concern that may lead to severe health conditions; it is essential to address it so as the individuals may also enjoy a perfect sleep moment. The occurrences of a night terror are not long-lasting as the longest may last up to about a few minutes while others only last for seconds. Dealing with sleep terrors The first and best way to deal with sleep terrors that are frequently reoccurring once one is asleep is by medical diagnosis. This is very effective, mainly when this is caused due to an underlying health condition that is physical or mostly associated with mental well being. Relaxation therapy, which is achieved by visiting

Juggling multiple children with big age gaps

For many mommies, kids tend to come very close in age together but as we all know, that doesn't always work out. Whether you wanted your kids more than a couple years apart or it was happenstance a big age difference of more than 2-3 years can put a big strain on mommies and daddies. Though it presents many benefits, having kids farther apart can also present some pretty unique challenges. For those who don't, these tips will give you a bit of an edge to maintain a bit more order with your children and your home. Plan a variety of activities for all ages. No activity is going to be perfect for everyone but being able to cope with all sorts of activities is essential. Your teen or older child may have no interest in going to Frozen on Ice but there are many other options that can appeal to kids of all ages. Things like a trip to the science museum can be great for both the young and old alike and if you live near the coast or by water a trip to the beach can be fun for ev

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