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How to get your child to stop wetting the bed at night

Having a child who is wetting the bed is very frustrating and exhausting, every parent will tell you about that. You might have potty trained your child, which usually works well during the day because normally, the whole story changes at night. I want all parents to know that this is very normal. Being dry during the day and at night are two different potty training sessions that might take a couple of months or even a year. Up to the age of 7, your child is likely to wet his or her bed and this is very normal because it is an involuntary action and that they have no control over at all. It is like some sort of physical development and we shouldn’t rush our kids to it. Eventually, they just stop because it is a matter a time. POTTY TRAINING AT 3? Most research shows that it is very impossible to train your child to remain dry or use the toilet at night. It is upon the body and the brain of your child to recognize all the physical signals around them that either they should j

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