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Nanobebe Breastfeeding Baby Bottles Starter Set

When you are a parent, you want the best for your baby. You want to get them the best clothes, feed them with the best food and have them drink the most delicious formula you can find. However, this can be a difficult task as there are just so many hours in a day and so much of the information you find on the Internet is confusing or just plain wrong!                                               That is why we are here, to help you find the best products on Amazon for your little one! For example, if you are trying to get your little bundle of joy to bottle feed, you MUST check out the Nanobebe starter set. This lovely, beginner-friendly set is not only completely hypoallergenic and easy to clean (ensuring you will never get any nasty germs in your baby's food!) but you can pump right into the bottle, which is easy and convenient! Not only that but this set is designed to preserve all the nutrients of the milk, so it's just as good as breastfeeding!

Too Much Sugar: Expectations vs. Reality

The addition of sugar in daily food items of the diet holds a great role in controlling the energy level of the person. The sugar and the calorie level needed for a child is different from an adult. Let's find here the importance of controlling the sugar addition in the diet. When you consider the diet of a child going to school, the need for calories in the diet is very high. The majority of the calories that a boy or a girl consumed in his or her day time can get reduced after their playtime. The children going to school can add more sugar-based food items in their daily diet. The consumption of sugary food items from bakeries may not be an ideal condition as it can contain more saccharine instead of sugar. This condition can be alleviated by preparing sugary food items from our own home. Some children own the habit of consuming excessive sugary products in their diet. This habit can give rise to troubles like itching and rashes on the skin surface. Make sure that you provide suf

Enough Already! 15 Things About Covid 19 We're Tired of Hearing!

The coronavirus pandemic has been around us for months already, Since the first reported cases in Wuhan, China last December 2019, the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2), the virus causing the CoViD-19, has already infected more than 25 million people globally.  News, discoveries, warnings, and various protocols relating to the new normal being cause by the CoViD-19 pandemic have since then filled our social media accounts and newspapers. Definitely there are lots of exaggerated and overly emphasized matters (both in a good and bad way) that we're already tired of hearing, Here are some of those: 1) Social distancing is a must. Different governments implemented different protocols and calls for lockdowns, depending on which they think is the best for their people. Though we want to follow the 1-meter or 1.5-meter or 6-meter social distancing guidelines, we still terribly miss hanging out with our friends and loved ones. We are tired of hearing this but for

Unique Baby Names For Your Baby Girl Or Boy 👦

When it comes time to pick the baby names, it's important to remember not to rush into it. After all, if you give a bad name to a baby, then he/she will have to live with it for the rest of their life. In this article, we will help you to find a unique but also amazing name. Your child will be proud to have such a name. Unique baby boy names Prescott — This name means “priest's house”, in 2016 only 18 baby boys received this name. Regis — this name comes from France, and means "royal", in 2016, only 10 boys named like that. Oberon — If you've read Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, then you probably know about this name. In 2016, only 8 boys received this name. List of the other unique baby boy names with their meanings: Weston — (from the West); Declan — (full of goodness); Xander — (defender); Jason — (healing); Theodore — (gift of God); Micah — (like a God); Jonathan — (God bestowed); Rowan — (red); Austin — (noble); Evan — (given by God). Unique

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Hello ! Nina Here, I am a blogger and a mother to 5 lovely children (blended family), with our 6th bundle of joy, Joylin who was born on 10.27.2020. Our Family is now complete.
As you can see, I’m an experienced mommy with the joys of motherhood becoming more challenging than ever in this Day n age of Internet, smartphones and chaos. I want to help other mothers make the most of what they have so they can be their best selves and be the best parents they can ever be.
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